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In India women are disempowered and generally handed a bad deal. It starts at birth. According to UNICEF, more than 50 million female infants have been culled at birth and have gone ‘missing’.

There are also fewer women in the workforce. While many Indian women have entrepreneurial ambitions, it is often more difficult for themto succeed.

The social entrepreneurship ecosystem has responded to this harsh environment spawning a variety of social businesses that strive empower women





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Vision & Motto

  • Flora Fly envision to help women to become self-sustainable.
  • Promoting the “Women to Women” concept which helps in filling the gender gap and bringing your own identity.
  • Creating wings for women to fly and become independent.
  • To build Womenpreneurs of India and help them to start business and thus bringing upliftment to the society on the whole.

Impact of Flora Fly on India’s Economy

Female employment rate will be increased

GDP of country could be increased

The gender gap can be removed

Women rose out of poverty line

Growth of India will be boosted

Create bright future of family, society and country

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